Aston Martin: A true Transformation

Location: Summit, NJ
Project Type: Corporate - Interior Renovation
Architect: GRA Architecture

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Hollister Construction Services performed renovations to Aston Martin’s car dealership in Summit, NJ. Dedicated to offering an unrivaled quality of service and expertise, the dealership was renovated to reflect their pride on providing outstanding and personalized customer service. The 11,000sf state-of-the-art facility was renovated in two phases in order to allow the facility to continue providing customers with the Aston Martin Summit experience.

The front area of the new renovated space features a modern and open showroom with a customer lounge area, kitchenette, private offices and sales and conference rooms with glass sliding doors. The back of the dealership houses an auto delivery room and upgraded auto shop room where experience technicians care for cars. The auto shop room also features a washing area.
Exterior work included a new roof, wall mounted lighting, new overhead garage doors and new glazed, full-height storefront window units.


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