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Hollister Hello With Michelle Rogers

Michelle Rogers, Assistant Project ManagerWhat’s changed since you’ve been here? The onboarding process went from a cake pop to a five-tier cake from cake boss. The actual process from the interview process to hiring has changed for the better.   I noticed a significant change in the level of experience of the employees Hollister brings on board.  I also noticed that we have more people now who are more focused and driven.  For me, I was attracted to this place right at the start because of the philanthropy of CJ and Hollister’s good reputation. It was up and coming, the location was the same town I lived in. It transitioned from being a place where I  wanted to be to a place I wanted to stay.
What excites you about the future? Moving forward with my volunteer work. I volunteer at the county jail, and Greystone Park Psychiatric where I provide religious support to these programs.  It can include bible study to advice on family- I provide whatever info I can with whatever tools I have. …

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